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Finest Power Washing Company in Frisco, TX

Are you sick and tired of the algae build-up in your garage and driveway? Or maybe you’re annoyed by the unsightly view of graffiti painted on your parking lot floor and walls. The sediments on your roof, water streaks on your walls, and thickened dust on your window is an eyesore that ruins the great architectural design of your property. Let’s address that once and for all because we believe that your property deserves the deep, power-washed clean that it deserves!

We’re your friendly neighborhood that specializes in various power washing services to both residential and commercial establishments. Secured with warranty, expert-level skills, professional delivery of tasks, and premium quality service, that’s what we’ve got to offer. Who else to call but the Pros in the business, right?

the word clean spelled with a power washing in dirty concrete
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Coupons and Discounts available!
How can we serve you?
100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
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When you trust us with your exterior cleaning needs, the job isn’t done until you say so.

Man cleaning patio with high pressure cleaner

Hard Surface Washing

We offer deep power wash cleaning to porch, patio, pavers, stone walkways , pool decks, and driveway. Whatever contaminants present, we’ll eliminate them.
Man cleaning vinyl siding with power washer

Home Exterior Cleaning

Keep your exteriors visually attractive and maintain a welcoming vibe on your oasis with our extensive cleaning on your vinyl siding, wood decks, roof, fence, and windows.
Cleaning leaves from gutter system

Gutter Cleaning

We specialize in extensive gutter power wash cleaning to get rid of the piles of debris sitting gutters.
Man cleaning sides of industrial building

Commercial Power Washing

We render professional commercial power wash cleaning services on storefronts, parking garages, parking lots, and other commercial and industrial establishments.

Overview of our Power Washing Company

Power washing is not everyone’s cup of tea and not everyone is skilled to deliver the job correctly. That’s why we discourage you from doing it yourself because it can lead to irreversible damage to your property. Let the Pros do the job for you!

We offer premium power washing services with meticulous attention to details such as structural integrity and construction materials. The pressure released through our power wash machines ranges from low to high PSI levels, which can potentially incur damage and breakage if not handled properly.

We take pride in our skilled and knowledgeable technicians who are professional and skilled in conducting evaluations, smart planning, and skillful delivery of jobs. We don’t just focus on power washing alone. We follow an organized pattern in our delivery of service which starts with a detailed property inspection and assessment and creation of an effective action plan. By doing so, our team functions as one unit while performing different tasks and finishes the whole job order efficiently and effectively.

Why is power washing essential?

Power washing is essential in improving your property’s market value, maintaining its structural integrity, preventing its eventual degradation due to organic matter build-up, enhancing its aesthetic value, and creating a new, fresh, and clean look.

We are used to the old-school scrubbing method of cleaning. Yes, that’s somehow helpful but not effective especially in areas where too much dirt managed to set in. It’s also time-consuming, highly demanding, and energy-draining. To top it all, you will not achieve the best results the same way as a power washer can.

If you’re thinking of DIY and rent a power washer, we discourage the idea. You’ll likely spend more and create irreparable damages to your property. Remember, it takes experience and skills to safely and effectively deliver the job. The best option is to hire the Pros to do it for you while you chill and wait for impeccable results.

With us, you’re sure that you’ll get premium results, avoid costly rental fees, save time and energy in DIY, and secured that your property is safe in the hands of experienced professionals. Why go through all the hassle? We’re just one call away.

What do we do?

We provide pressure washing and soft washing services for homes and business. We remove run-down paints, graffiti and vandals, sediment build-up, moss and algae growth, thickened sand, dirt, and oil on walls, fences, and floors, remove gums, tar, rust, and rubber tire marks. As long as there’s filth present, the Pros got it covered for you.

the word clean spelled with a power washing in dirty concrete
Our house is surrounded by trees that shed small branches constantly everywhere. I used to get so tired of sweeping up the mess after every strong wind that passed through, but not anymore! I had Power Washing Frisco power wash my siding and it looks brand new!
Simon P.
My husband was out of town for a few weeks and I didn’t like the idea of him coming home to an unkempt house. Power Washing Frisco sent one of their technicians to our place and he did such a great job that I’ve been using them ever since!
Paulette H.
It’s been two years since [my house] was last washed but the siding still looks brand new! Thanks, Power Washing Frisco!
Bruce R.

Our Power Washing Services

See below for more information about our top notch pressure washing services.

Hard Surface Washing

For hard surfaces, like concrete and paver stones we use high pressure water to remove any dirt, oil and stains. This includes cleaning patios, walkways, driveways or porches. We are also able to clean decks with deck wash kits that can be added onto the pressure washer if needed!

The type of service we provide for hard surfaces is called “driveway power washing”. This means that you will not need to worry about any chemicals being used on your driveway–just high-powered water at low pressures (below 3000psi) which removes all the grime without damaging the surface! If you have an exterior house paint finish like stucco or brick our professionals can make sure it stays vibrant and unscathed by harsh weather conditions.

We tackle almost every hard surface there is, and our team is knowledgeable and experienced in handling each type of surface material to ensure safety and quality. It’s important to understand that each material requires specialized treatment and could only withstand a specific amount of pressure. What we do is apply our proprietary techniques that will deliver the quality of clean that we’re aiming for while making sure that no damage is incurred in the cleaning process.

Man cleaning patio with high pressure cleaner

Home Exterior Cleaning

Home exteriors are the ones that guests and passersby always notice. No matter how magnificent your architectural design or your landscaping style is, it can’t cover the disgusting degrading paint on the walls, or the moss on your roof, or the rainwater streaks on your gutters, and the compounded dust on your windows. The dirt will always stand out, and that is just plain unsightly.

Don’t worry because our services exist where dirt is present. We provide extensive home exterior cleaning services on windows, vinyl sidings, wood decks, rooves, and fences. We are experienced in tackling every known dirt in your home exterior, and no matter how deep-seated it is, we’ll remove it from the roots to the tips.

For wood materials, we lower down our machine pressure and apply our cleaning techniques to achieve extensive and deep clean quality without damaging the material. For hard-to-remove stains and dirt, we use eco-friendly cleaners to help us effectively remove dirt.

For softer surfaces like vinyl siding or roofing, we use an organic, environmentally friendly power wash. This means that the low-pressure water will not damage your siding or roof while removing all dirt and grime from the surface.

Man cleaning vinyl siding with power washer

Gutter Cleaning

Are you experiencing backflow? Or maybe, your downspout is clogged up and needs a deep cleaning. Let our services help you get rid of your problem and avoid expensive repairs.

Keeping your gutters clean is extremely important for your health and the health of your home. Gutters defend your home against water backup, which can lead to sewer backup and a variety of other problems for your home. In cold weather months, it is especially important as ice dams form on roofs trapping snow in gutters—causing more dangerous issues like roof leaks.

You don’t want to deal with expensive repairs right? So let us address the issue right from the source; clogged and filthy gutters. We remove the clogging agents and power wash your gutters to remove the remnants, moss build-up and remove the unsightly streaks and sediments.

The different services that we provide at our power washing company include driveway and patio cleaning, gutter cleaning, soft washing (such as with stucco or brick), vinyl siding cleaning, used for softer surfaces such as vinyl siding–and many others! If you’re looking to get any type of exterior surface cleaned be sure to call us today!

Cleaning leaves from gutter system

Commercial Power Washing

Ever find yourself walking by a storefront and it looks dirty? Or maybe you’re driving through a parking lot and it’s covered in dirt or graffiti. This is an example of the importance of professional maintenance for commercial properties.

Admit it or not, the eyes perceive the notion that creates first impressions. Don’t let the unsightly view of gums, rundown paint, graffiti, tar, rubber tires prints, and rainwater streaks taint your business reputation. Have it cleaned with the power washing pros.

We believe in the power of visual impression in helping a business success. We provide a wide array of commercial cleaning services to help eliminate unwanted dirt may it be organic or man-made to help you achieve a sterile, welcoming, and professional business. No need for strong harmful chemicals because we only use eco-friendly detergents.

We provide many services to ensure that any property–home or business–looks its best! Call today to schedule your monthly power washing service, so your property always looks clean and maintained!

For businesses, we specialize in storefront and parking lot maintenance as well as graffiti removal and hot tar removal. We provide monthly power washing services that help maintain a professional appearance for businesses.

Man cleaning sides of industrial building
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Our Approach

If you are looking for a power washing company to use, you have come to the right place. Here we will teach you all about how our power washing process works and why we are your best option. Power washing is done at different levels based on what the customer needs. Residential customers can expect us to either provide an estimate over the phone or when we arrive at their home or business. Commercial customers will get an initial estimate over the phone too, but they also need a quote for maintenance so that they know how much money it costs per month once work starts. There are 5 steps in our process outlined below!
Frequently asked questions

The cost of pressure washing services varies depending on different factors such as the type of power washing service you want to acquire, the current local rate, the state you’re in, and the service rate of your chosen provider. Just like any other business, every company offers different charges for different services.

However, the estimated cost of hiring a professional power washer service ranges from $0.08 up to $0.80 per square foot. Service providers charge more on projects that are heavily filthy because they need to run a few more rounds of power washing to achieve the quality clean that they’re aiming for.

In our case, we offer reasonable service rates depending on the condition of the project. We offer different stand-alone and packaged services. We also offer add-on services requested on site.

After our careful on-site assessment, we then come up with our one-time and all-in power washing cost. Once both parties agree, we will then schedule a cleaning or we can also perform the cleaning immediately.

Power washers emit pressurized water that can damage concrete and pavers when used incorrectly. Using power washers without adequate training, skills, and experience can cause significant, visible damage to concrete, bricks, or paving stones. Common damage involves pitting and lines. It can also damage the mortar in-between bricks, remove the joint sand placed between paving stones, and degrade concrete surfaces.

However, power washing is the most effective method in cleaning walkway and paver surfaces when done by professional experts. An experienced professional knows the type of nozzle to use, the length of time needed to power wash each area, the PSI level necessary for the job and material, and the proper distance between the nozzle and the surface. All these factors contribute to safe and successful power washing, and only experienced pros know what to do and how to do it.

When done by professional experts, power washing is the most effective method in removing tough and hard-to-reach stains and breaks all types of buildups, including black mold, moss, algae, weeds, and matted dirt and dust. It effectively removes spill marks, rubber tire streaks, and other debris.

So don’t settle for the maybes, choose the sure way through our professional power wash cleaning services.

Pressure wash cleaning is the most effective way to remove stains and matted dirt on your cedar siding. However, due to the nature of the material, cedar sidings are susceptible to damage, especially when an excessive amount of force or pressure is directed to them. Old, aged, and dried cedar sidings are also more vulnerable to damages.

Professional power wash providers hold a lot of tricks on their sleeves from applying the most appropriate PSI level, using the perfect nozzle meant for softwoods, techniques on holding down nozzles, including the correct distance and the right direction. We have perfected all these over the years of experience and exposure to similar jobs.

Instead of DIY that could end up in costly cedar siding repairs or installation of new ones, hire our dependable service, so you’re sure that you’re getting your money’s worth without the risk of damage.

Power washer machines vary in price depending on their brand, model, quality and added features. Gas-powered power washers are more expensive than electric-operated ones because they’re relatively powerful in terms of pressure. Price also differs between residential power machines and industrial-grade power washers.

We use industrial-grade, premium quality power washers to ensure longer usability, optimum performance, high-pressure power, and a wide array of pressure power choices.

We are in an industry that constantly and regularly uses power washers as it is the frontline tool of our business. That’s why we only use top-of-line tools and equipment. We want to make sure that our equipment will last long so we could serve you better anytime you need our service.

Power washing a deck can damage the wood integrity when done by inexperienced and unskillful hands. Remember, wood materials are naturally vulnerable to extreme force and pressure. Given the natural operation of power washers, the pressure emitted from the washer can cause etching, splintering, and degrade areas that are starting to chip off.

However, power washing is the most effective and efficient method in cleaning your decks because the power can exterminate even the most stubborn dirt and remove all types of build-up. Just make sure that the one’s doing the job are equipped with proper knowledge, skills, and experience to ensure successful and safe results.

Pros power washers know the appropriate jet pressure to apply on certain materials, suitable nozzles to use, the distance between the nozzle and the deck needed to maintain while power washing, and other important considerations. It is also essential to completely dry off the wood before adding sealant to avoid rotting.

With us, you don’t have to worry about these things because our technicians are trained, skilled, and experienced in power washing your deck to perfection.

Do you know that power washing your car’s engine is the most effective approach in cleaning off the dirt, dust, soil, and oils from the engine? Because of the pressure emitted through the washer, it removes dirt settled in hard-to-reach areas keeping your engine clean and accessible for a maintenance check. One of the benefits of keeping your car engine clean is that it’s easier to visually inspect possible damage. It also prevents dirt build-up that helps avoid further accumulation of dirt in other engine parts. This means longer longevity and lesser repair expenses.

But, you need to be very careful when power washing your car engine because it can cause damage. It’s better to hire a professional expert power washer to render the job to avoid costly repairs. Plus, you’re confident that your car is properly cleaned the professional way.

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